Science in children’s fiction

Help!  I’m trying to find science thrillers for kids, preferably books targeting 10-14 year olds.  Submit a comment if you have a recommendation.  Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Stories with science themes, or important characters who are scientists
  • Science in fiction, NOT “science fiction”.  No futuristic outer-space settings!
  • Novels, not non-fiction.  Nonfiction science books for kids are abundant; I’ll do a post about that another day.

My own list is distressingly short.  One book that comes to mind is Carl Hiassen’s Hoot, a wonderful book full of quirky, interesting characters.  Hoot is set in Florida and is about some kids who learn that a nesting area for endangered burrowing owls is threatened by the construction of a pancake house.  It’s a great read for 9-14 year olds (and was made into a good movie), and its environmental content makes it just barely adequate as a science novel.  (Hiassen has two other children’s environmental books set in Florida, Flush and Scat, about illegal sewage dumping and panthers in the Everglades, respectively.)

You parents out there probably know about the Magic School Bus series, which are excellent science stories for kids.  Magic School Bus adventures are glorified nonfiction, with oodles of excellent technical content, but their target audience is younger, maybe ages 5-8.

Any titles for me?

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