Thriller Trivia: Science thriller movie quiz

December’s entry in my series of thriller trivia quizzes! Today’s topic: science & medical thrillers at the movies . Come back every month to test your thriller wits.

The 1995 movie Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman as a military virologist, is an infectious disease disaster/conspiracy tale very loosely based on which science thriller book?

Five-star teamwork:  A five-star book from my list was made into a movie directed by a five-star author who didn't write the book.  Which combination is correct?

In the science thriller novel of the same title, this story was set in a natural history museum in New York.  For the 1997 movie, the setting was changed to a natural history museum in Chicago.

An author wrote a fascinating but little known science thriller / psychological thriller called The White Plague; the book (and movie adaptation) this author is famous for is:

In this science thriller book, a major character dies.  In the movie version, he is injured but survives.  Because of the success of the film/book and popular appeal of this character, the author is forced to resurrect the character in the sequel.  The only explanation given to readers of the book sequel:   "It turned out I was only slightly dead...So now I am back--in my next iteration, you might say." The book and movie are titled:

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