Authors of science-themed fiction: Submit your work!

The Incongruous Quarterly, an online literary magazine that “publishes the unpublishable”, is requesting submissions by May 22, 2011 for their next issue with a science theme.  Here’s what they’re looking for:

The theme for this issue is “science.” What is it? Who knows? How does it work? No one can possibly say. Despite this, we would like to see your best science-related writing. But here’s the thing: We want poetry and fiction that is specifically concerned with science. We’re looking for writing from the realms of: Physics! Biology! Chemistry! Or other sciences we maybe haven’t heard of before! We are interested in fiction and poetry about science, not science fiction or sci-fi-themed poetry. We want poems about chemical equations and quantum mechanics, not short stories about a swashbuckling smuggler in his bucket-of-bolts spaceship somehow manipulating the space-time continuum in order to make the Kessel run in less parsecs than it would usually take. (As awesome as that sounds.)

We’re also accepting NONFICTION submissions on scientific subjects. Got an article burning a hole in your pocket? An essay that’s too strange/silly/long/short for a journal? We want to see it. Send pieces and pitches to

Go here for full guidelines.


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