Best action-packed science thrillers (holiday science gifts #4)

‘Tis the season for cold nights, warm blankets, hot mugs, and sizzling books.  Looking for a suitable gift idea for the geek in your life?  ScienceThrillers is here to help with a series of posts on geek gifts.  Naturally our emphasis is on books (but not exclusively), and we’ll post several lists of best choices depending on the person you’re shopping for.

I like:
A. Science
B. Guns
C. Man-eating monsters
D. All of the above

If the person you’re shopping for would pick “D”, then the following books should make his or her day. All have science-y themes in them, but action–of the bullets and chases variety–dominates the story. Definitely the kings of action in this bunch are authors Jeremy Robinson and James Rollins; if your book lover hasn’t discovered these writers, introduce them to a new addiction.

Note that in the case of action-packed thriller series, I’ve listed here the first book in the series. (Relic in the Pendergast series; Sandstorm in the Sigma Force series; Pulse in the Chess Team adventures; The Ark in the Tyler Locke series)

To read my reviews, click on the title in the side box at right. (For Chess Team, I actually reviewed book 2, Instinct; and for Tyler Locke, book 2 The Vault.)

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