Best sci/med romantic suspense novels (geek gifts #7)

More suggestions from to help you find the right book to give as a gift to your favorite geek!
Today’s theme: Sci/Med thrillers with a heavy dose of romance.

Hands down, the winner in this category is Lifelines by CJ Lyons. Lifelines is the first in a series of four novels, The Angels of Mercy series, set in the emergency department of a gritty Pittsburgh hospital. These books are an absolutely stellar combination of equal parts medical thriller and romance. Highly recommend for female readers. Vladimir Lange’s Fatal Memories is another terrific romance with a physician protagonist and medical/scientific setting that is set primarily in Russia, which lends an exotic twist. Sequence by Lori Andrews is part murder mystery, part science thriller, and part romance. Deadly by Julie Chibbaro is a young adult novel set in 1900 New York; the romance here is of a teenage girl pining for an older man, a scientist whom she desperately respects. Finally, Frank Herbert’s The White Plague is a crazy, complex thriller in which the world’s women are selectively struck down by a genetically-altered virus; some romantic elements.

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