Best thrillers for geeks (holiday science gifts #2)

‘Tis the season for cold nights, warm blankets, hot mugs, and sizzling books.  Looking for a suitable gift idea for the geek in your life?  ScienceThrillers is here to help with a series of posts on geek gifts.  Naturally our emphasis is on books (but not exclusively), and we’ll post several lists of best choices depending on the person you’re shopping for.

Today we’ll begin with our bread and butter: science-themed fiction of the intensely page-turning variety.  This entire website is devoted to science thrillers; what’s distinctive about this list is the high “techno” factor in these stories.  While all the novels reviewed at this website have at least some medical or scientific content, some have more than others.

Here’s a quote from a very famous science thriller with loads of tech in it:

“Most soluble protein is leached out during fossilization, but twenty percent of the proteins are still recoverable by grinding up the bones and using Loy’s procedure…His technique is so refined it can work with a mere fifty nanograms of material.”

(Source: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton)

Sound like the kind of thing your gift-ee would enjoy in a thriller? Then give your friend one of these books, all of which put science or medicine front and center in the plot.

  • Spiral by Paul McEuen. Killer fungus, war crimes, and nanobots.
  • Petroplague by Amy Rogers.  Oil-eating bacteria paralyze Los Angeles.
  • Sequence by Lori Andrews. Molecular biology catches a serial killer.
  • Cold Plague by Daniel Kalla. Prions, France, Antarctic conspiracy.
  • The Lazarus Strain by Ken McClure.  British Special Forces Dr. & a very bad flu.
  • The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton.  Microbes from space.
  • Second Genesis by Jeffrey Anderson. Genetic tinkering with chimps in the Amazon.
  • The Hot Zone by Richard Preston.  Ebola virus in Washington, D.C. Nonfiction.

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