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One of the sites I like to haunt on the Internet is ScienceBlogs, a one-stop shop for some of the best science-themed blogs out there.  A new one launched last week, and it’s all about improving STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education using new teaching approaches that incorporate the arts.

Here’s what the blogging team for The Art of Science Learning Blog has to say about themselves and their new project:

The Art of Science Learning is an NSF-funded exploration of how the arts can strengthen STEM skills and spark creativity in the 21st-Century American workforce. The project will be launched this spring with conferences in Washington, DC (at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, April 6-7), Chicago (Illinois Institute of Technology, May 16-17) and San Diego (CALIT2 at UCSD, June 14-15).

These conferences will bring together scientists, artists, educators, museum professionals, business leaders, researchers and policymakers, to explore the role of the arts in science education and participate in hands-on workshops led by some of the world’s leading practitioners of arts-based learning.

The exchanges and experiences of the conferences will form the basis of a report on the use of arts-based learning to foster a competitive 21st-Century STEM workforce and a research agenda, outlining the strategies needed to document and assess the impact of arts-based experiential learning on scientific literacy and STEM skill development. Both are intended to have a significant impact on workforce development policy in the coming years.

Why we’re blogging?

Community building is at the heart of The Art of Science Learning’s mission. We’ll be creating and convening an interdisciplinary community of interest and practice, and developing a set of resources to serve it in the coming years. As we prepare for the conferences, several members of our advisory committee (including several leading educators and scientists, as well as a business writer and an arts leader) will join with our staff and guest bloggers from ScienceBlogs, to lay out the landscape and articulate many of the issues and challenges we’ll be discussing at the conferences. We hope you’ll enjoy the discussions, join in our community, and that we’ll see you at the conferences.

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