D.P. Lyle asks: too much science in fiction?

D.P. Lyle is an expert on forensic pathology and author of the Dub Walker thriller series (most recently, Hot Lights, Cold Steel).  He recently wrote an article titled, “Can too much forensic science smother your fiction?” at RTBookReviews.com.

The point of Lyle’s article is that some authors allow their fascination with scientific detail to get in the way of good storytelling.  In the end, most readers care about what the science–or test results–mean for the characters, not how the technical procedures are performed.

I agree that an author can spend too much of the reader’s time on technical minutiae.  But some readers enjoy tech more than others.  ScienceThrillers fans, what do you think?  Can you name a thriller that was pretty heavy on science, but you still loved the story?  How about one where you wanted to take a black marker and delete paragraphs of boring technical detail?

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