Electric car quest: NPR forum podcast on EVs


July 1, 2011, marked the end of a special privilege enjoyed by owners of gas-electric hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius: access to the carpool lanes of the crowded San Francisco area with only a single occupant in the vehicle. The Prius is no longer cutting-edge technology. The new beneficiaries of the government’s encouragement of alternative fuels? Pure electrics (such as the Nissan Leaf) and the extended-range plug-in Chevy Volt.

KQED’s Forum program had an excellent, wide-ranging discussion today on many issues related to EV ownership. Listen to the podcast here.

Important news for prospective electric car buyers: the generous $5000 cash rebate offered by the state of California has now expired.  It may be replaced in 2012 with a $2500 rebate.

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