Electric vehicles: new documentary “Revenge of the Electric Car”

This week continues the theater rollout of Chris Paine’s new documentary “Revenge of the Electric Car.” According to salon.com reviewer Andrew O’Hehir, this new film is the antithesis of Paine’s famous “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, about General Motors disastrous experience with the EV1 in the 1990s.

The death notice on EVs was premature.  Not long after Paine condemned the auto industry for its failure to advance EV technology, the industry calculus changed, and a long-term commitment to produce a practical electric vehicle began.  Fast-forward to2011, and commercially-viable electric-powered automobiles are available now (albeit for a premium price): the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, with the less-than-practical Tesla Roadster on the market and the better Tesla Model S sedan to come soon.

At certain Bay Area showings today, November 4th, special guests will be present (producer, director, and various car company execs).

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