Mad about the Netflix price increase?

This week Netflix announced that they would begin charging separately for DVD rentals and streaming video services, which were previously packaged together.  For existing Netflix customers, this means a substantial price increase.  Mass outrage on the internet has ensued.

The solution?  Drop your Netflix subscription.  Spend the time and money you save to READ MORE BOOKS.

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7 Responses to Mad about the Netflix price increase?

  1. Well, it doesnt appear to be a very clever business decision, upsetting the majority of your client base. Good advice, I think I’ll be picking up some books myself fairly soon.

  2. what about google TV? Is that a viable alternative yet? I read news articles on it every now and then, but I havent heard of anyone actually using it!!!….

  3. Doesn’t sound like the best deal for consumers! Good advice people should be using their intellects and imaginations by reading rather than being spoonfed everything through videos and movies.

  4. Yea, I read about this news before and indeed thousands were angry. But I guess people will still continue with Netflix subscription.

  5. Amy says:

    Also streaming is convenient, but it seems they don’t stream first-run films.

  6. Apparently Netflix would rather everyone stick to streaming, saving them handling and shipping costs. One problem: there’s no closed captioning on the streaming videos, which excludes a lot of hearing-impaired.

    OK, I’ll go back to books!

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