Paul McEuen, author of SPIRAL, on PETROPLAGUE

Need I say, I am so excited that the author of 2011’s best new science thriller read my book Petroplague, liked Petroplague, and was willing to give me this endorsement?

Paul McEuen, Cornell University professor and author of 5-star science thriller Spiral on Amy Rogers’ debut novel:

PETROPLAGUE is a terrific thriller debut and Amy Rogers really knows her science. From a killer premise—scientists create a bacterium that stops the industrial world in its tracks—PETROPLAGUE ratchets up the tension and danger with every chapter. The tense, tight plot and interesting characters kept me reading late into the night wondering how Christina Gonzalez, the grad student at the center of it all, would stop the scourge that she unwittingly set loose.  Amy Rogers is one to watch—I can’t wait for her next book.

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