Science contests for kids: 3M’s 2012 Young Scientist Challenge open NOW

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Discovery Education / 3M Young Scientist Challenge

For: U.S. students in grades 5-8

Prizes:  Grand prize is $25,000.  Other winners will receive cash, trips, and other prizes.

What it is:

The Search for America’s Next Top Young Scientist

Many of the greatest innovations of our time were first designed to solve a simple problem. This year’s Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge encourages young people to solve everyday problems using science and innovation. When you are working in the field of science, the opportunities are endless! Look around you – science is everywhere. Your innovative ideas just may revolutionize the way we live.

To enter the 2012 competition, students must create a 1-2 minute video describing a new innovation or solution that could solve or impact an everyday problem related to the way we move, keep ourselves healthy or make a difference. One student will win the coveted title of “America’s Top Young Scientist.”

Topics for video:

Very broadly defined, they are The Way We Move, The Way We Keep Ourselves Healthy, The Way We Make a Difference.

Deadline:  April 19, 2012

For details, visit the website.

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