Science haiku

I have to share these delightful science-themed haiku poems written by Aryaman Shalizi (inspired by anonymous elementary schools students)

Source: website of Cosma Rohilla Shalizi

A vibration is
motion that cannot decide
which way it should go.

Some know the time by
looking at the sun. I can’t
make out the numbers

To some, solutions
are answers. To chemists they
are still all mixed up.

Humidity: when
you are looking for some air
but finding water.

Some past animals
became fossils while others
prefer to be oil.

Broke up molecules,
stuffed with atoms. Broke atoms,
stuffed with explosions.

If you enjoyed those, you might like SciFaiku, a whole “genre” of sci-fi themed short poems.  For example:

Starship spirals inwardly
Blue photons escape

carrion birds scatter
with each twitch
of reanimated flesh

lifeless planet
a scarecrow planted by
missing terraformers

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3 Responses to Science haiku

  1. Anonymous says:

    the wind brushed my hot cheeks in the cool sandstorm!

  2. Rajai says:

    May I use your Haiku for my class assignment?

    • Amy Rogers says:

      Thank you for asking. But as it says in the post, these haiku do not belong to me so you would have to ask the author. You can click on the links to get to the creator’s website.

      Whether or not you have the author’s permission, however, turning in someone else’s work for a school assignment defeats the purpose of doing an assignment and does not seem ethical.

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