Top ten reasons why you can trust ScienceThrillers reviews

Brain functions

The book reviews you read at aren’t like the book reviews in open forums like amazon and elsewhere.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should use ScienceThrillers reviews to choose what to read on your next vacation:

10. All reviews written by a single reader, giving you a consistent perspective that allows meaningful comparisons between books.

9. Apples-to-apples comparisons: all reviewed books are in a single genre. Jurassic Park and Moby Dick are both about big predators, but it’s unfair (impossible?) to compare their relative merits.

8. Reviewer doesn’t live in Lake Wobegon. Grading is on a curve. Three stars = a good book

7. Reviewer is a bona-fide physician-scientist, uniquely well-qualified to evaluate the subject matter of these books

6. Biohazard rating tells you whether the subject matter is educational, or simply absurd

5. The book author’s mother didn’t get her entire bridge club to post five-star reviews.

4. ScienceThrillers reviews won’t reveal that the sweet, rosy-cheeked lass in chapter 2 turns out to be the criminal mastermind in the end.

3. Complete sentences!

2. ScienceThrillers won’t downgrade a star rating because of late delivery, poor packaging, or too-high cover price (some amazon reviewers actually do this)

And the #1 reason why you should let ScienceThrillers help you choose your next “beach read”:

1. Because you love stories about DNA, doctors, killer germs, cold fusion, near-death experiences, corrupt officials, sexy medical examiners, surgical disasters, drug-company conspiracies, genetically-engineered monsters, talking apes, contaminated meteors, and much more!

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