Top books to read on vacation (part 1): At the beach

What should I read on vacation?

In a series of posts for thriller fans with an inclination for science, I’ll try to answer this question.

Part 1: Brainless action at the beach

These novels are perfect for poolside reading. They will entertain without taxing your intellect too much (who wants to think on vacation?), and most have a plot element that might make you want to stay out of the water. So sit on the beach and read more books!

Chromosome 8. Tropical paradise corrupted by science.   Someone’s swimming–and they’re not coming up for air.

Meg. Move over, Jaws, Meg is bigger, badder, and toothier.

Raise the Titanic! The North Atlantic is no place for a vacation, especially with the hurricane and those Soviet warships…

Rogue Wave. Hawaii. Mega-tsunami. ‘Nuf said.

Sphere.  Weird things are happening at the bottom of the ocean, where a spacecraft lies buried with an alien cargo.

Freezing Point.  Summer weather too hot where you are?  Reading this will give you a chill.

Part 2: In the city

Photo: 1962, New Guinea. Yale Peabody Museum, Yale Digital Commons
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