Top five reasons why medical examiners make great characters for thrillers

5.  Plenty of scenes in one of world’s creepiest settings:  the morgue

4.  What kind of person wants to be a doctor, then decides they’d like to specialize in dead people?

3.  The profession got its start robbing graves

2.  You can read about an autopsy without having to smell it

And the number one reason why medical examiners / forensic pathologists star in so many medical thrillers & mystery series:

1.  There’s always a new way to die

Who is your favorite?

Famous examples:  Kay Scarpetta (by Patricia Cornwell, introduced in Postmortem); Temperance Brennan (by Kathy Reichs, introduced in Deja Dead); Laurie Montgomery (by Robin Cook; introduced in Blindsight)

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