Web Treasure Tuesday: TakePart CONTAGION interactive flu pandemic activities

Tell your kid to forget his dream of becoming a TV weatherman.  How’s this for a new dream (or nightmare-inducing) job: global virus forecaster.  This week’s Web Treasure site, created in conjunction with the release of the new pandemic movie CONTAGION, is TakePart.com/contagion.  Here, you can meet virus hunter Dr. Nathan Wolfe and others in a “unique band of researchers who are going on the offensive to stop new viruses at their source.”  Under “Pandemic Pulse” view a real-time list of recognized disease outbreaks occurring anywhere in the world right now (scary!).  A sample of what’s on today’s menu:

  • 14 children hospitalized with suspected food poisoning in Jiangxi province (China)
  • Norovirus outbreak closes wards at British hospital
  • Deadly hantavirus confirmed in Peruvian jungle
  • Increasing numbers of babesiosis infections in the U.S. pose threat to blood supply

After reading some of that, you’ll want to check out the “Be Prepared” section to learn how to protect yourself against pandemic flu.  Remember:  You CANNOT get the flu from a flu vaccine!

Not all plagues kill people.  Petroplague by Amy Rogers

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