Web Treasure Tuesday: Best handmade gifts for science geeks (holiday science gifts #3)

This website, ScienceThrillers, is all about bookish gifts, and this week I’m offering a series of gift guides to the best titles for the science fan on your list.  But geek happiness wrapped in a box goes far beyond the printed word.  The people at DVICE (imagined by SyFy) offer the ultimate geek gift guide, including a delightful selection of 15 handmade geek gifts.  The gift guide is expanding by the day, so check your list twice and re-visit.

My favorites:

Your name from the Periodic Table, available from crafters on Etsy.

A basepair necklace set will show your hydrogen bonding with a friend (Etsy, from molecularmuse)

And for the truly, profoundly bio-geeky: Petri dish soap (also available in glow-in-the-dark versions; Etsy, cleanerscience).

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