Web Treasure Tuesday: Science-themed ecards

The U.S. Postal Service is in deep financial trouble, partly because hardly anyone mails personal first-class letters these days.  It’s all e-cards, baby!  And if you or your recipient is a certified science geek, forget Hallmark.  Try these websites for science-themed ecards.

Bill Nye the Science Guy: yes, he has his own digital greetings!

Monterey Bay Aquarium: America’s finest aquarium–and one of my most favorite places in the world–offers a variety of ecards that fit the season and are often cute, funny, strange, or shocking.

The Nature Conservancy: an environmental protection charity that offers stunning nature photography in its cards

Einstein ecards at physlink: yes, it’s true, at ScienceThrillers we recognize the hard sciences too.  These cards from a physics & astronomy website feature quotes from the genius himself.

Archimedes Laboratory, a website about puzzles, offers wonderful ecards featuring math puzzles, visual paradoxes, and optical illusions

For your favorite sci-fi or space fan, try these cards of galaxies, nebulas (nebulae?), space stations, NASA, and an assortment of Star Trek images too

Great Cats ecards from The National Zoo: images of tiger, cheetah, bobcat, lion, and the stunning caracal

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