Yet more geek gifts: Chemistry T shirts & Plush DNA

Tons of clever chemistry-themed apparel, mugs, etc. from, including periodic table shoes for men and women, and snarky inside jokes from organic lab (like the T shirt at right).


For a gift you can’t go wrong with a beaker mug, or even better, an Erlenmeyer flask mug!





For the chemist-to-be, how about a periodic table placemat for subliminal learning while snacking?  And for the grownup chemist, a periodic table checkbook cover, or for the ultimate geek, a periodic table shower curtain.


If you don’t need your gift in time for Christmas, pre-order DNA nucleotides in plush from Biochemies.  Currently the creator is in fund-raising mode, launching this project with Kickstarter.

Pledge/purchase now and you’ll be one of the first to own these in early 2012!

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