12 Days of Science Christmas Gifts #7: Science Toys

ScienceThrillers brings you our annual geek gift recommendations. These lists, which usually link directly to amazon.com, feature great gifts for the science-minded people in your life.

Day #7: Science Toys

This batch of STEM gift ideas includes some of my personal favorites. I think every kid should have a globe. Gyroscopes are great fun and prompt thinking about physics. The SnapCircuits line (which includes many kits beyond the ones shown here) do a great job of introducing both young and older kids to the basic concepts of electrical circuits. K’Nex products are better than Legos for teaching engineering–they use gears and motors to make things move. And finally, a good chemistry set, magnets, and a DNA modeling & experimenting kit will really round-out your kid’s science fun.

The multiplication board is terrific for kids memorizing their times tables. It is NOT electronic. You push the button and this allows you to see the answer hidden underneath.

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