Creative science writing: MOLE FOR MOLE by Sarah Gianakon

One of my interests at is the role fiction and creative nonfiction can play in advancing scientific literacy. In other words, can a good story be used to teach science?

“Mole for Mole,” a chemistry poem by Sarah Gianakon, is part of a series of ScienceThrillers exclusive original works that combine creative writing and science.


“Mole for Mole” by Sarah Gianakon
A exclusive original poem

O, for a mole of light that would traverse

the darkest heavens of the universe!

one entity to stretch the galaxy

mere inches to behold that vast cosmos,

to scatter molecules here and there eight times.

Would that a mole of pennies rendezvous,

eighty-six million times would the debt

of the United States be reimbursed

with more to spare!

The Bard’s works have

swelled the common rabble since James I;

Meanwhile, the genius of Mozart transcends

the golden shores of eternity

but the absolute amount of Avogadro

knows no natal nor does it know an end.

The earth may boast its mass and rightly so,

but for the great mole with grand kilograms

which thus accounts for twenty grander globes.

O, for a mole of parchment that would ascend

to that silver orb that adorns the sky

and descend in silver slivers not one,

but rather eighty billion plentiful times.

Tempest tossed and fleeting is planet Earth

Compared to a mole of secondsnineteen

Quadrillion years.

But what is a mole?

In this ether of never-ending nothings,

A mole constitutes a composition

That contains equal entities of elements

As atoms present in a carbon-12!

From the author:
Facts discussed

1. A mole of inches can extend the galaxy 8 times—-1,616,434 light years.
2. A mole of pennies can repay the United States’ debt 86 million times.
3. Discovered by Avogadro.
4. A mole of kilograms is greater than the mass of twenty Earths.
5. A mole of paper can extend to the moon and return eighty billion times.
6. A mole of seconds is equal to 19 quadrillion years (4,240,666 times the age of Earth; 954,150 times the age of the universe).
7. A mole is the amount of a substance that contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in exactly 12 g of the carbon-12 isotope.

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