Germ Proof Your Kids

This book isn’t new but it’s new to me and I want to recommend it to parents and health care providers who work with parents.  Author Harley Rotbart provides data-supported answers to daily questions that worry parents about their children’s exposure to dirt, germs, antibiotics, and vaccines.  This book clears up several popular misconceptions and while it probably isn’t enough to persuade hard-core vaccine refuseniks or those who demand antibiotics for every sniffle, it should help the average parent make good choices for their kids’ health.

In a world seemingly full of microscopic danger, where can anxious parents turn to protect their kids? “Germ Proof Your Kids: the Complete Guide to Protecting (without Overprotecting) Your Family from Infections” is the inside source on germ defense–from antibiotics and vaccines to health foods and home remedies. Written by internationally respected pediatrician and infectious diseases specialist Harley Rotbart, “Germ Proof Your Kids” offers an accessible, comprehensive handbook for parents and physicians. By combining the latest scientific findings on disease prevention and treatment with the ages-old wisdom of Mom and Grandma, Dr. Rotbart demystifies childhood infections. While written for parents, this volume also serves as a perfect office manual for physicians, providing up-to-date, concise information that doctors need to educate parents about germs and the best available treatment options.

You can view a 5 minute video summary of the book at the author’s website.

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