Microbes & Oil: Free educational resource

Amy Rogers, MD/PhD, is founder of ScienceThrillers.com and author of PETROPLAGUE. PETROPLAGUE is a thriller novel suitable for high school age and up. In the novel, oil-eating bacteria contaminate the fuel supply of present-day Los Angeles and paralyze the city. The microbiology science upon which this novel is based is real.

Dr. Rogers offers free 30-minute meetings with your students, book club, or other group to discuss the science of PETROPLAGUE. In this Skype conversation, you’ll learn about how microbes can both make and destroy hydrocarbons, and how in the future we might harness microbes to produce renewable alternatives to gasoline. You can ask questions about the science, about the book, about writing thriller fiction. Discussion will be tailored to fit age and interests of the group.

Contact Dr. Rogers for details.

Great opportunity for homeschoolers & book clubs!

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