New releases by ScienceThrillers authors

Several of’s favorite authors have new books out. While I don’t have time to review them, you should check out this list and pick which must go in your TBR (to be read) pile:

James Rollins (bestselling author of the Sigma Force series & more) has for the first time teamed up with another thriller writer on a project. With Rebecca Cantrell he’s released an ebook original short titled City of Screams. This 99-cent ebook is a partly a teaser for Rollins & Cantrell’s forthcoming novel The Blood Gospel, due for release on Jan. 13, 2013.

From New York Times bestselling author James Rollins and award-winning suspense novelist Rebecca Cantrell comes a disturbing story of vengeance, bloodshed, and creatures that prowl the night.

In the haunted, war-torn highlands of Afghanistan, amid the ruins of Shahr-e-Gholghol, an archaeology team is massacred in the night. Sergeant Jordan Stone and his crack forensic team are called in to examine the site, to hunt for the perpetrators of this horrific act. But the discovery of a survivor—a child of ten—will shatter all the team knows about life and death. Among the crumbling bones of dead kings, something hoary and murderous stirs out of the ancient past, lurching forward to claim vengeance on those still living.

Continuing the recent trend for writers to release a piece of short fiction as an ebook exclusive in advance of the release of a major novel, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child are offering Extraction, an Agent Pendergast short story. This 99-cent piece includes a preview of Two Graves, the next Preston & Child novel due for release in December. (Agent Pendergast was first introduced in Relic.)

The prolific Jeremy Robinson‘s latest book is Ragnarok: A Jack Sigler Thriller.

It starts with a thunderous crack and a flash of light. Screams come next. Then the hunters. With a staccato flicker, the light disappears and everything within a hundred yard radius goes with it. A massive crater is all that remains where a chunk of the world has gone missing.

As the deadly phenomenon repeats and expands amidst the world’s most densely populated cities–carving apartment buildings in half, scooping away entire city blocks, and claiming thousands of lives–Jack Sigler, Callsign: King and his black ops team take action. But the team is broken, spread across the globe and vulnerable. Scrambling to make sense of the violent disappearances and fighting to reunite, the team comes face-to-face with an otherworldly enemy capable of making the fearless…terrified.

Taking the battle to the ends of the Earth–and beyond–the team combats a savage enemy whose centuries-old plan for mankind has nearly reached fruition. If they fail, the planet will become little more than a fully stocked food cache for a creature whose presence heralds the beginning of Ragnarök–and the extinction of the human race.

Boyd Morrison, author of a series starring Tyler Locke, our favorite Tony Stark lookalike, has a new book: The Roswell Conspiracy.

After the 1908 Tunguska blast levels a Siberian forest the size of London, a Russian scientist makes an amazing discovery amongst the debris.

In 1947, 10-year-old Fay Allen of Roswell, New Mexico, witnesses the fiery crash of an extraordinary craft unlike anything she’s ever seen.

More than 60 years later, former Army combat engineer Tyler Locke rescues Fay from gunmen who are after a piece of wreckage she claims is from the Roswell incident. Incredulous of her tale, Tyler believes the attack on Fay is nothing more than a burglary gone wrong. But when he finds himself locked in the back of a truck carrying a hundred tons of explosives and heading for a top secret American base, Tyler knows that he has stumbled onto the opening gambit of something more sinister than he ever imagined.

Because disgraced Russian spy Vladimir Colchev is after an Air Force prototype code-named Killswitch, an electromagnetic pulse weapon of unprecedented power. Although Tyler is able to avert catastrophe at the US facility, Colchev gets away with the bomb and plans to turn it on America itself. To complete his mission, he needs only one other key component, a mysterious object recovered from the Roswell crash.

In a desperate race against time, Tyler must unmask a conspiracy a century in the making to rescue the United States from electronic Armageddon.

Other new releases by favorite authors Michael Palmer, Kathy Reichs, Tess Gerritsen, J.E. Fishman, and Patricia Cornwell (plus one thriller celebrating its first anniversary):

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