New SciThri / SciWithFi indie publisher Creative Gateway

Many readers of this blog are both fans and writers of fiction with scientific themes.  Today I learned about a British company, Creative Gateway, that is starting an indie e-publishing imprint specializing in what managing director Roy Baldwin calls “SciWithFi”.  Creative Gateway’s ten-year corporate history is in “eLearning” and “eLibraries” emphasizing technology, culture, and science.  Branching out into publishing fiction ebooks is a new venture for them.

For an author, choosing to go indie is a big decision, and choosing which indie publisher to do your ebook is, too.  New small publishers of ebooks are a dime a dozen these days, and not all of them are reputable, not all of them do their job well, and not all of them will survive.  For these reasons, it is much too early to endorse Creative Gateway, which has no track record in this industry, but I’m so excited by the concept of a publisher specializing in science-themed fiction (NOT hard sci fi) that I think any writers working in this genre should at least be aware of what Creative Gateway is trying to do.

Here’s what Creative Gateway says about its new publishing venture:

We are a small independent niche publisher. We specialise in publishing science within fiction, as novels, novellas, short  stories or poetry which have contemporary science or technology as an underpinning  laboratory or workshop culture. The science or technology and the activities of the characters are informed  and portrayed through entertaining romance, alongside suspense or thriller outcomes. We are not interested therefore in aliens, extragalactic travel, earth-like planets, Jovian life forms or vampires, i.e traditional science fiction or fantasy.

We work with authors who want to create informative and interest grabbing fictional content around themes which have real science  and technology at their core.  We especially like science romance, embellished with suspense, politics, culture or history and want to explore content which integrates and bridges these themes with science and technology, to explain, entertain and inform, however controversial. We call this encompassing genre SciWithFi, which includes our own speciality SciRom as well as LabLit and HardSciFi. We want our books to appeal to both the science and technology specialist but equally to be enjoyed by the general reader, interested, overawed, fascinated, disgruntled or perplexed by what is going on in the science world and where it all might lead in the future. We believe that fiction is a fantastic opportunity to explain and bring alive science and technology through compelling plots, themes and characters battling with everyday challenges, relationships and adversity.

On this basis please feel free to send us proposals, ideas or extracts for SciWithFi fiction, which will be accepted and read only if emailed in either Word or PdF formats and adhere strictly to a maximum of three sides of A4 in an 11pt font size. We will not acknowledge, accept or read full submissions or posted printed material except by invitation.

I underlined the bit about their philosophy that really grabbed me; I agree 100% and wish them great success in improving this scientifically-illiterate world.

I’ve also been pushing for a new term to describe the genre of science-in-fiction to distinguish it from science fiction. My term of choice is SciThri (for science-themed thrillers), but I love the more general “SciWithFi” that is suggested here. Creative Gateway is also going for “SciRom” (romance), a category that as far as I know barely exists.  I look forward to reading their work in this category.


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2 Responses to New SciThri / SciWithFi indie publisher Creative Gateway

  1. OC Heaton says:

    Hi Amy. How very intersting. I have never heard of them but they describe my writing perfectly. It’s a pity I already have a publisher! However I will pass their details onto them. There may be be hook up possibilities.

    I love LabLit. Never heard of that before! But Sci with Fi works well. I might try it out on a few people. I’ve always described The Human Race as an Eco Thriller since the science involved can resolve global warming and the green issue continues to be a big theme. Categorising your book can be challenging.

    • Amy says:

      Check out the LabLit website and their LabLit “List”, a broad assortment of books & media that feature science or scientists in a realistic light.

      I contacted Roy Baldwin and plan to stay in touch with him as his company’s plans develop, so you’ll probably hear more here at ScienceThrillers. If you want, follow Roy on Twitter @creativepubtalk

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