Other lists of science-themed fiction. Teachers, use these to inspire kids to study STEM fields!

ScienceThrillers, of course, provides a list and reviews of many science-themed novels, particularly of the page-turning thriller type. But here are some more such lists:

  • 25 Science Novels Your Students Will Love : A terrific list; eclectic and not limited to “novels”.  Includes such wonders as Flowers for Algernon, Stephen Jay Gould’s Wonderful Life, and Mendel’s Dwarf. To visit, cut and paste address http://www.accreditedonlinecolleges.com/blog/2011/25-science-novels-that-your-students-will-love/
  • Using novels in the science classroom
  • An extensive list of science and techno thrillers by Readers Advice

I’ve featured these lists before, but they’re worth mentioning again:

And don’t forget: undergraduate biology, microbial, and pre-med students will love my novel Petroplague and will discover some fascinating, accurate stuff about the microbial world.

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