ESA2012 attendees: Want a free PETROPLAGUE ebook?

Science educators & scientists:

Are you attending ESA2012? Participants are invited to contact me for a FREE digital copy of Petroplague, a science-themed thriller novel about a fictional ecological disaster involving hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria.

Petroplague was written by an MD/PhD scientist and former microbiology & molecular biology lecturer. In this page-turning work of science fiction you’ll find oil-eating bacteria  contaminating the fuel supply of Los Angeles and paralyzing the city. The heroine is a UCLA graduate student, Christina Gonzalez, whose research on microbial biofuels may be the only way to save the city.

Petroplague is written in the style of Michael Crichton for a general readership with accurate scientific content.  Some of you may even want to use it in the classroom as a starting point for discussions about bioremediation, anaerobes, extremophiles, bacteriophages, lateral gene transfers, bioprospecting, synthetic biology, and more.

If you’re interested in this novel for education or are willing to read it and post a review online, click contact me. I’ll gift ebook copies via Smashwords (which allows you to pick the digital format of your choice from any country) or (Kindle, US accounts only) to attendees who ask for a free reviewer’s copy.

CLICK HERE to request your copy

***For fastest service, PLEASE SPECIFY whether you prefer your gift from (US) or Smashwords (global)***

View the book trailer at the top of this page, or on Youtube.
Read what critics including LabLit and ScienceBlogs are saying about Petroplague here.

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