SciThri new releases: Jan/Feb 2012

I’ve learned something.  I can’t read it all.

Yes, although I read almost every day, there are so many scientific thrillers in the world that I can’t review them all. So I’m starting a series of posts announcing newly released, or new to me, thrillers in the science or medical genre.

If you are an author or publicist and would like your book listed, contact me with title, author, release date, weblinks, and summary. Only books with scientific or medical themes or characters will be included.

SciThri New Releases:

The Ninth Day by Jamie Freveletti (Sept. 2011). Author interview in The Big Thrill; author’s website

Emma stumbles across human traffickers and is caught and brought to the marijuana fields of Ciudad Juarez. Here the plants are dying from a disease that is eating away not only at them, but it is also being transmitted to humans, though no one can determine how or why. The cartel leader believes that the disease is caused by the massive amounts of herbicide that the US dusting planes dump on the marijuana fields almost daily in an attempt to kill the plants. The leader decides to send the tainted plants into the States along the drug route. Once transmitted to humans the disease kills in nine days. Emma needs to solve the puzzle and stop the shipment or she, and everyone else who comes in contact with it, will die on The Ninth Day.

Hominid by John C. Boland (Sept. 2011).  Author interview in The Big Thrill; author’s website

Evolution is Deadly. Archaeologist David Isaac joins a team excavating a crypt on a remote island where a colonial-era family lies buried. By local lore, the family were “devils.” The expedition’s leader hopes to revive his career by proving they were murdered by neighbors in a burst of religious hysteria. But these cadavers harbor an older and deadlier secret–evidence that a new humanoid species has emerged.

The Immortalists by Kyle Mills (December 2011). Conversation with author in The Big Thrill; author’s website

The novel follows Dr. Richard Draman in his desperate search for a cure for progeria, a disease that causes children to age at a wildly accelerated rate.  Draman’s daughter is dying from this rare genetic condition.  He receives a copy of some classified work being done on this disease just before the researcher’s mysterious suicide.  While the secret research offers hope for his daughter, it also soon has Draman on the run, pursued by a powerful group that knows the papers he has could change everything we know about biology.

Living Proof by Kira Peikoff (February 2012).  Conversation with author in The Big Thrill; author’s website

LIVING PROOF envisions a future when destruction of a human embryo is a crime that can be charged as first degree murder and when the federal Department of Embryo Preservation holds a tight rein on fertility clinics across the country.  Failure to follow the DEP rules means prosecution for a fertility clinic doctor.  Arianna Drake, a young and brilliant doctor, operates a thriving fertility clinic that attracts the attention of the DEP for the clinic’s sudden popularity.

Dr. Drake’s unexpected success, along with her past support for a radical and controversial scientist, prompt the DEP to send in an undercover investigator looking for illegal activity at the clinic.  Together Dr. Drake and DEP agent Trent Rowe face challenges that put their own lives in jeopardy.  Human life and a major scientific breakthrough hang in the balance.

Impact Point by S.I. Rosser (February 2012) Author’s website

MYSTERIOUS WHALE DEATHS…When the World’s largest ever creature – a blue whale – dies in front of Robert Spire on his local Welsh beach, the UKs Department of the Environment and local population are ill prepared. When a second whale washes up dead on Myrtle Beach on the opposite side of the Atlantic, the scientific community starts asking questions.

A QUEST FOR METEORITE FRAGMENTS…Environmental lawyer Robert Spire; newly recruited to the UKs Global Environmental Command Unit – GLENCOM, flies over to South Carolina to investigate. Whilst there, he meets marine biologist Dr Sally Rivea, also assigned to the case. Meanwhile, ex-marine Travis Dexter is on the run in Nevada after he discovers the body of his employer – philanthropist Julian Smithies- murdered in his home. The only object missing is a recently discovered, rare and valuable meteorite.

A FUTURE GLOBAL CATACLYSM…On the island of Andros In the Bahamas, four sport divers make a startling discovery at the bottom of Mystery Cave blue hole. Sixty miles offshore in the Caribbean Sea, drilling on the Proteus oil rig turns to disaster as the drill penetrates something hard on the ocean floor. Dr Rivea, at a loss to explain the high levels of the mineral olivine in the whale’s tissue samples, accompanies Spire to the Caribbean in search of answers, but what they discover doesn’t bear thinking about…

Black Ice by Bill Hubiak (November 2011). Author’s website

Black ice. Invisible. Deadly.  Black ice propelled physicist Marcie Roselli reeling out of control and stole her daughter’s life. Yet, the specter of her dead child keeps Marcie teetering on the edge of reality as she battles to reclaim her own life. Her brilliant but psychologically vulnerable niece suffers from the same delusions.

Could these hallucinations be real? Do the voices that schizophrenics hear emanate from another dimension? If so, to what lengths would some go to control the gateways to the multi-universe? What does a secret government program known as the Black Ice Project have to do with her teenage niece? Aided by a battle-weary Iraq veteran and his peculiar friend, who writes conspiracy books, Dr. Roselli navigates a path strewn with danger to rescue her niece from powerful forces that have targeted the girl or risk losing everything once again to black ice.

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