ScienceThrillers author Steve Alten: be a character in his sequel to THE LOCH!

Science thriller author Steve Alten, famed for his prehistoric monster shark series MEG, is writing a sequel to The Loch, “the first true Loch Ness monster thriller praised by biologists and cryptozoologists alike.” Here I’m happy to share Steve’s newest promotion around The Loch and The Loch 2 in Steve’s own words.  Read on to learn how YOU can become a character in the next Steve Alten book!

The Loch by Steve Alten

“At last a novel about Loch Ness you can actually believe! Using commendable research and excellent writing skills Steve Alten has written a book that comes startlingly close to the truth. Reading The Loch I was shocked that his work of fiction tallied almost exactly with my research into the Loch Ness Monster and what it really is. Forget prehistoric monsters, here is a horror novel rooted firmly in biological possibility.”
–Richard Freeman, Cryptozoologist, The Centre for Fortean Zoology.

“The Loch is at once spellbinding and enchanting, zoologically engaging and mysteriously alluring. Steve Alten has woven pieces of breaking new cryptozoology discoveries into the best work of fiction since King Kong and The Lost World!”
–Loren Coleman, world’s leading cryptozoologist, and author of The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep; Cryptozoology A to Z.

“Steve Alten has again entered the genre of Man vs. Nature as personified by a large animal and has excelled at it. The story is an excellent read, with plot and characterization exceeding all expectations. As to the biology behind the story, although sensational, it is more credible then many so-called non-fiction books about the loch.”
–Robert McCord Ph.D., Chief Curator of Natural History, Curator of Paleontology, Mesa Southwest Museum

To promote the release of The LOCH 2that’s right, a sequel – there will be a contest devoted to this cryptozoological science thriller. Head over to, click the link for The LOCH Contest, download the book trailer and upload it to your YouTube account being creative with your title so it draws in viewers to begin promoting this long-awaited title! Send the Youtube link that goes directly to your video to stevealtencontests (at) The 30 contestants with the most views will be The LOCH 2 characters. For less confusion and to make sure everyone is on the same page make sure to read all the rules though, if you have any questions feel free to email us at gmail.

Thanks, and good luck!

–Steve Alten


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