STEM contests for kids: Sciberpalooza virtual science fair

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Sciberpalooza, a virtual science fair competition, is now accepting entries from 6th grade students.

What:  A science fair that doesn’t require a trip to a live event

For whom:  6th grade students in any U.S. public, private, or home school, with parental permission (consent form required)

How:  Do a science project (including background research, a well-planned experiment with a clear question and an understanding of the scientific method including controls and variables).  Prepare a display board.  Film a maximum four-minute video of yourself explaining your project as if you were presenting to a judge.  Zoom in for closeups of your data.  Submit your video for judging.  (Video will be posted on YouTube and can be viewed by anyone, so if you have a problem with that, don’t enter.)

When: entry deadline is May 1, 2012

Restrictions: Projects involving human subjects and other vertebrate animals, including projects involving behavioral data, are PROHIBITED

Prizes:  $250 to the student, $250 to the school for up to fifteen winners

 Sciberpalooza is sponsored by Synopsys Outreach Foundation.



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