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USA Science Festival
2012 Kavli Science & Engineering Video Contest

This contest’s theme is based on the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges, “game changing” challenges that may even save the world.

A distinctive feature of this contest: Unlike a science fair, no experimental work is done. This is a work of the students’ imagination, coupled with thorough research of the topic to propose a reasonable solution to a problem of the student’s choice. Great contest for artsy kids or kids with a passion for a particular issue.

What:  Create and submit a 30-90 second video on the theme “Save the world through science and engineering.” Show how scientific discoveries and inventions can change the world, either now or in the future. {What does that mean? Click here to find out.}

  • You choose the problem and propose the solution.
  • Or, do a video about exploration and the next frontier–what will that frontier be?
  • Or, focus on cool inventions and engineering–what do you think people need to build or invent next? What problem would your invention solve? How might it be done?

For whom: Grades 6-12, individuals or groups, schools, homeschools, or clubs

Entry Deadline: March 21, 2012

Prizes:  First prize is $2000 and a travel stipend to travel to Washington, DC for the Expo. Second prize is $750, third prize is $500. The People’s Choice Award prize is $250. Additional prizes, too.


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