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Do you like free books?

Real paper books, not Kindle ebooks priced at $0.00…

Here at ScienceThrillers, I myself run the occasional book giveaway / raffle. But at any given time, there are so many books being given away online. How to find them? ScienceThrillers wants to help. I’m starting my own page linking to current book giveaways (you’ll see it on the menu tabs above).  Because I just launched this service, there may not be much there yet.

{If you ever run a book giveaway, list it here. If you’re an author, ask me and I’ll run the raffle for you!}

In the meantime, use this Top Ten list to find books you want–or even better, to discover new authors–for FREE. Each of these sites links to multiple book giveaways. Visit and enter to win! (Requirements to enter will vary from site to site, of course.)

Top Ten Websites to win free books / book raffles / book giveaways

1.  GoodReads offers the largest selection of free book giveaways with absolutely no commitment (you don’t even have to give your email address).  On the other hand, your chances of winning any one giveaway are not great because many people enter.

2.  International Thriller Writers “Neverending Book Giveaway”: Authors who are members of ITW post about their books; leave a comment to enter. While you’re at the site, sign up for the monthly Big Thrill newsletter to learn about the hottest new releases in the thriller genre.

3.  The website IamaReaderNotAWriter hosts a “linky” page, where anyone can post links to their book giveaways. The list is cleared and replenished every Thursday so it should be current. Always lots of choices here.

4.  Hobbies on a Budget: another giveaway “linky”

5.  Frugality is Free book giveaway “linky”: replenished once a week. Click “read more” to find the list of current giveaways.

6.  Young Adult Books giveaway: changes monthly

7.  ReaderViews Book Giveaway: limited selection, but free is free!

8.  Ruthi Reads book giveaway linky

9.  Bookblogs.ning is a community site for book bloggers; there is a page for members to list their current book giveaways

10.  Free book giveaways wall on Facebook: hit or miss; can’t predict how long this will have legs, but worth checking.

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