Web treasure Tuesday: Sci-ence.org science cartoons

Exciting new discovery (for me) today: Sci-ence.org, a Skeptical Comic & Blog.

Witty creators Maki Naro and Nadir Balan offer for you a series of comics and associated blog posts that are well-drawn, well-conceived, explore science-y topics, and most important take up arms against the Ghosts of Woo Woo Thinking (pseudoscience in all its modern manifestations).

Here’s what the creators say about their work:

Baffled and frustrated by the amount of magical thinking, quackery, and pseudoscience he saw around him, a brave soul sought out to crush these manifestations of ignorance and misinformation the only way he knew how… by drawing goofy pictures of them.

Much like the real thing, Sci-ənce! seeks to both educate and entertain, or entercate.

If you believe vaccines prevent infectious diseases, if you think ear candling is best used in Halloween displays, and if you like Ben Goldacre & Bad Science, you’ll love Sci-ənce!

And if you have a science-y comic of your own–or a short piece of “entercating” fiction, enter it in the ScienceThrillers Creative Science Writing Contest to compete for a $100 cash prize!

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