Bacteriography: A new art form using microbes

In addition to my main focus on science in fiction, at I also love to share stories about people blending science with other arts. When the science is microbiology, I’m definitely going to talk about it.

The video below is from Kickstarter. Summary: A guy who trained and worked as a microbiologist then went for a Master of Fine Arts in photography. The result: Bacteriography.

Zachary Copfer calls himself a “bioartist.” He has invented a technique to make photo-like images using bacteria. The method is novel and clever.  The artist exposes a lawn of bacteria to radiation in much the same way as a photographic negative is exposed to light. The radiation stops bacterial growth in the exposed areas. Different types of bacteria produce different color and texture effects. Copfer has also developed techniques for preserving the work for display.

To make all this happen, Copfer needs money for equipment. If you’d like to help, contribute through Kickstarter. I’m not buying his argument that bacteriography will help us “to better understand humanity as an organism connected biologically to a living breathing ecosystem” but I’m all for anything that encourages people to think about microbes. Plus this new art form is just plain cool to look at.

(Thanks to MicrobeWorld for the tip!)

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