Book giveaways: Free book raffles for newsletter subscribers

freeJust wanted to remind all you science thriller fans that it’s easy to win free books here at Remember to regularly visit the Book Giveaways page (click that link or use the menu tab). All books are paper copies (not ebooks), all are shipped free to your U.S. mailing address. Many are signed by the author.

Subscribers to the ScienceThrillers newsletter are eligible to enter all book giveaway raffles. The newsletter lands in your emailbox only 4 times per year so it’s no big deal, and I never share my mailing list. Click here to subscribe, or just enter a raffle using your email address. Today there are four raffles active, with more to come in the next week. One of those raffles is for SIX copies of the title, so your chances of winning are very good.

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