James Rollins Sigma Force new release THE EYE OF GOD

If you don’t know author James Rollins, you should. This prolific former veterinarian writes some of the most imaginative, page-turning thrillers around. And all of them have scientific themes. Granted, the science is extrapolated to fictional extremes, but there’s always a grain of truth inside.

Sigma Force is Rollins’ team of global quick response, Special Forces scientist heroes (gotta love that combination). The Sigma Force series of novels can be read as stand-alones but are best enjoyed by starting at the beginning with Sandstorm (2004).

If you’re already a fan, then you’ll be up late on the 25th reading Rollins new release in the Sigma Force series. Here’s the info about THE EYE OF GOD. (Note that Rollins is once again doing an extensive book tour especially in Texas/Oklahoma/Missouri; check here for appearance dates and places.)

The Eye of God: A Sigma Force NovelThe Eye of God: A Sigma Force Novel
Release date: June 25, 2013

In a masterwork of historical mystery and scientific exploration, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins reveals an apocalyptic vision of the day after tomorrow, of a future predicted by the distant past, of a world doomed to burn under

The Eye of God

The crash of a U.S. military research satellite in the remote wilds of Mongolia triggers an explosive search for the valuable cargo it holds: a code-black physics project connected to the study of dark energy, the energy connected to the birth of our universe. But the last blurry image from the falling satellite captures a chilling sight: a frightening look into the future, a view of a smoldering eastern seaboard of the United States in utter ruin.

At the Vatican, a mysterious package arrives for the head of Pontifical ancient studies, sent by a colleague who had vanished a decade earlier. It contains two strange artifacts: a skull scrawled with ancient Aramaic and a tome bound in human skin. DNA testing reveals both are from Genghis Khan—the long-dead Mongol king whose undiscovered tomb is rumored to hold the vast treasures and knowledge of a lost ancient empire.

Commander Gray Pierce, and Sigma—joined by a pair of Vatican historians—race to uncover a truth tied to the fall of the Roman Empire, to a mystery bound in the roots of Christianity’s origins, and to a weapon hidden for centuries that holds the fate of humanity.

James Rollins talks about THE EYE OF GOD.

(From the author’s website)

Q: In The Eye of God, you take your readers to some exciting and exotic locales: Macau, Mongolia, North Korea. What drew you to set parts of the book in those locations?

A: I personally love to travel to remote corners of the world, to explore those lost edges or seldom traveled landscapes. I also love to ask locals odd questions (“Tell me something no one knows about this place.” “What is a mystery left unsolved here?”). It is from such journeys and questions that many of my stories begin. During my travels to Macau, I was struck by its strange mix of European colonialism, Chinese history, and Las-Vegas glitz. And I knew I always wanted to set a story in North Korea and interviewed several people who had firsthand accounts of the strange “ghost town”-like atmosphere of its capital city. And it was the country’s rich history that drew me to Mongolia, with its ties to Genghis Khan.

Q: Speaking of Genghis Khan, you raise an interesting fact about genetics and this Mongol warlord.

A: Genghis Khan was a fascinating and bloody figure, who conquered most of the known world at the time, and his legacy lives on today. Geneticists have determined that 1 out of 200 men living in the world today are genetic descendants of the Great Khan (and this rises to 1 out of 10 in Mongolia). It seems multiple wives and conquering so many countries leaves it mark—at least genetically.

Read the rest of the interview here. Somehow he incorporates Attila the Hun, St. Thomas in China, biohacking, near Earth objects, and the nature of reality.

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  1. Rob Neil says:

    Already have it pre-ordered. Read every one of his Sigma Force, as well as his stand alone novel at least once. My favorite is still Judas Strain but we will se after Eye of God.

  2. Charleen says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this one for months!

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