Jeremy Robinson spins off The Cowboy from SECONDWORLD

Regular readers of this blog know I have a special affection for author Jeremy Robinson, whose shamelessly over-the-top, page-turning novels sometimes read like video games. Robinson is staggeringly prolific with new releases every time I turn around.

I just learned that he has published an ebook novelette starring Milos Vesely, aka Cowboy. Who is that, you ask? The Cowboy was a secondary character in Robinson’s modern day Nazi thriller SECONDWORLD (click for ScienceThrillers review). Apparently I’m not the only reader who thought Cowboy stole the show from the main protagonist. Obliging his fans, Jeremy Robinson has now given Cowboy a story of his own: I AM COWBOY – A Milos Vesely Thriller.

Milos Vesely, aka Cowboy, kills Nazis. After the events of SecondWorld—a failed attempt by modern Nazi forces to carry out a worldwide genocide and claim the planet for the Aryan nation—he now hunts down the enemy, most of whom are running for cover. But others, as Cowboy discovers beneath the sands of Tanis, Egypt, are searching for a way to strike again.

Hidden beneath the “lost city” is a network of tunnels and traps protecting an ancient power that predates Egypt’s mighty empires. Vesely, along with archeologist, Dr. Sarah Pasha, traverse the underground realm, heading deep into dangerous territory. But they’re not alone. Sturmbannführer Oskar Dirlewanger, one of the most infamous and violent Nazi leaders from World War II, and his Direlwanger Brigade, fifty of the most ruthless criminals in the Reich, are closing in, bent on retrieving the ancient power for themselves and resurrecting SecondWorld.

Trapped and on the run, Vesely and his lethal aim must face off against an army, but Nazis are far from the most dangerous element beneath the hot sands. Upon finding the ancient power source, Vesely not only recognizes it, but knows where it came from: Atlantis.

With I AM COWBOY, a 38,000 word novella, Jeremy Robinson builds on his novel, SECONDWORLD, maintaining the frenetic pace, expanding the history and creating an ending that will keep his readers speculating for years to come. Combining the adrenaline rush pacing of Matthew Reilly and the ancient mystery of James Rollins with a dash of Indiana Jones, I AM COWBOY is a fast-paced battle through history featuring one of Robinson’s most beloved characters.

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