Great logos for great scientists

Too good not to share. Given the visual clues, I was able recall the important scientific contributions many of these people made, but I confess, not every single one…

For the record, this image came from I spent some time trying to figure out if the images posted there are considered public domain. I was frustrated to discover that all the policies are addressed to people who submit images to the site, not to people who download them. So my question was not directly addressed, namely, do I have the right to post this image on my blog? I got the impression that the images are posted for the purpose of sharing–imgur even provides direct cut & paste for links. If anybody knows otherwise, tell me.

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  1. Lydia says:

    I think “Gode” is Goethe misspelled. The

  2. Amy Rogers says:

    I need help with first column, 4th down: Gode??

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