Paul McEuen on the future of nanotechnology

Paul McEuen wrote one of my favorite 5-star science thrillers, Spiral (click for my review). Spiral combines cutting-edge science in nanotechnology, micro- and molecular biology, and world history in a real page-turner set at Cornell University. It even has a killer germ that’s a fungus–not the usual choice.

Spiral won the Best First Novel thriller award from International Thriller Writers in 2012.

Anyway, Paul is an amazing guy. Writing incredible fiction is a minor side hobby to his real career, which is Cornell University physics professor and global expert on nanotechnology. readers may find this video intriguing–I certainly did. It’s the first ten minutes of Paul’s recent lecture on the future of nanotechnology. Suitable for a non-technical audience. It’s great fun to see how he thinks about some of the tech themes that came up in his fiction.

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