Possible SciThri Anthology of short fiction

I’ve been tossing around the idea of publishing a collection of short fiction in the science thriller / medical thriller genre (in ebook +/- paperback) and I’m looking for feedback. Help me decide whether or not to move forward with this idea by answering a few survey questions below.

The questions are anonymous unless you input personal info at the end of the survey, so be honest. If you have additional thoughts, please leave a comment or email me. Putting this project together could be a lot of fun but also a lot of work with no financial payoff so I need motivation.

Is an anthology of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry in the ScienceThrillers style a good idea?

If ScienceThrillers Press put out a call for submissions, would you consider submitting an original work? (Most likely the only payment would be a free paper copy of the anthology.)

Do you know anyone who might be willing to buy such an anthology (say, $1.99 ebook, 8.99 paperback)?

Do you know anyone who might be willing to submit original artwork for a kickin' cover? (Might be able to pay for this)

Do you think an anthology of short scientific fiction intended for children would be a good idea?

Got any great ideas for a title that will capture people's attention and convey the spirit of SciThri? Share your idea.

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  1. I read an anthology by Robert Heinlein when I was ten, including “All You Zombies” and “He Built a Crooked House.” That got me started in the genre. A collection of short features is a great idea!

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