SciThri new releases: May 2013

This month’s roundup of newly-released, or new to me, indie science & medical thrillers.  These books are among the many I don’t have time to read and review, but genre fans might enjoy.

If you are an author or publicist and would like your book listed, contact me with title, author, release date, weblinks, and summary. Only books with scientific or medical themes or characters will be included. Ask me about hosting a giveaway raffle on your behalf (paper books only).

SciThri New (or new to me) Releases:


The Proteus Cure by F. Paul Wilson and Tracy L. Carbone (April 2013). Medical science thriller.

In medical ethics, the line between right and wrong is often blurred. Who is to decide what is for the good of humanity?

Changing the world. One person at a time…

That is the mission statement of Tethys Hospital, run by Dr. Bill Gilchrist and his deformed sister, Abra. VG723, their revolutionary stem-cell-based therapy, appears to be capable of doing just that for the cancer patients who come to Tethys. VG723 is often their last hope. But if they match the protocol, they’re virtually guaranteed a cure.

Dr. Sheila Takamura, a young, dedicated oncologist, is proud to be involved in the clinical trials. Once the FDA approves it for widespread use, VG723 will revolutionize cancer therapy. That is why she’s alarmed when former patients return with bizarre syndromes. Yes, they’re cancer free, but they’re experiencing dramatic changes in their hair and skin and general appearance. When she investigates a possible link to the protocol, those patients start dying. As the body count grows, Sheila finds her own life in danger. She comes to suspect there might be a literal meaning behind the Tethys motto – but can she learn the truth in time to save herself and millions of others?

Red Contract by Peter Wilben. (1990s novel newly released as ebook) Medical/financial thriller.

MONEY – Wall Street is soaring and so is the share price of pharma giant Trident Drug … rumour on the street is they have discovered a cure for AIDS.
MYSTERY – But when the scientist responsible disappears, ex-commando-turned-financial hot shot Joe Grace finds himself under pressure from one of his key investors to track down the missing man.
MURDER – On a breathtaking chase from Dublin to New York, from Mexico to Moscow, Joe, a man fighting his own demons, finds himself in a place of no return where friends are few and the price for staying alive is paid in blood.

Watch Wilben’s Joe Grace series trailer on YouTube

In the Matter of Nikola Tesla: A Romance of the Mind by Anthony Flacco (2013). Historical fiction about the life of genius scientist/inventor, written by a thriller author.

From the 1890′s through 1943, this true story follows genius NIKOLA TESLA, arguably the most influential inventor in history—and certainly the most unfairly ignored. His powerful work even exceeded that of the venerated Thomas Edison. The book’s portrayal of this tall, handsome figure is historically accurate and offers a “young-to-old” portrayal (beginning at age 18) of a genius’ personality that explores the mysteries of this brilliant creative force.

The story tells how Tesla, though handsome and charming, lived a self-chosen life of isolation – a “monk” to his calling of electronic invention. In America, he was supported by George Westinghouse, who funded Tesla’s successful effort to design and install the first hydraulic generators under Niagara Falls, providing electricity to the entire eastern seaboard for the first time – in an era of candles and lanterns. Eventually, Westinghouse would betray Tesla by not paying him many millions of dollars in royalties he was owed — leaving him in poverty. Mark Twain also plays a role in the story as Tesla’s real-life friend.


Do you enjoy thrillers with real science? Read Petroplague by Dr. Amy Rogers.
Oil-eating bacteria contaminate the fuel supply of Los Angeles and paralyze the city.
“Compellingly written, technically literate”
“top 5 on my best of 2011 list”
“the science is utterly believable”
“I couldn’t put this one down”

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