Steve Alten’s new release THE OMEGA PROJECT

Here at I normally steer away from futuristic science fiction-based thrillers. Today I’m making an exception. NY Times bestselling author Steve Alten writes page-turners that often have monsters in them (animal monsters, not the proverbial human kind) most famously Meg, about a megalodon prehistoric shark. His work is typically backed up by real science, so when he asked me to give a shout out about his new release this month, I gladly said yes.

the_omega_project_bookThe Omega Project is an energy future based on cold fusion, managed by a high-tech “thinking” computer named GOLEM, programmed to “preserve and protect the human race” by overseeing Helium-3 mining operations on the moon. When the A.I. determines the Helium-3 is not compatible, the computer sets a new plan into motion, selecting six men and six women to mine Helium-3 on Europa, Jupiter’s ocean moon.

Has GOLEM altered its own programming? The computer’s chief designer, Robert “Ike” Eisenbraun, is assigned to join the Omega crew on a training mission in an underwater habitat beneath the Antarctic Ocean to make that determination. While on board, he and the Omega crew will be cryogenically frozen for 30 days to prep for the eight month journey in space.

Ike awakens from his deep freeze to a habitat breaking apart. He manages to escape to the surface, only everything has changed. The ice is gone – and so is humanity; evolution run amok. Alten’s extensive research into a post-human Earth will fascinate and hook the reader, who must wait until the very last page to know whether Ike is dreaming or a cataclysm occurred while he was asleep – and 12 million years have passed!

Check out the trailer for The Omega Project

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