Guest post: Gina Mazzio, RN, medical thriller series

Medical thrillers usually put doctors in the driver’s seat. Here’s a series of indie medical mystery-thrillers with a nurse protagonist.

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You have cancer!

You’ve been blasted and wasted with chemotherapy, along with every other poison the doctors could find to kill malignant cells.

Most days you’re more dead than alive; there is one last chance for survival — tomorrow you will be infused with your own treated bone marrow, which has been frozen and safely stored in one of California’s most prestigious hospitals.

Then comes an anonymous note — “We have your marrow … pay or die!”

RN Gina Mazzio isn’t about to let her patients become victims of this vicious scheme.


Guest post by authors Bette Golden Lamb and J.J. Lamb

RN Gina Mazzio was never meant to be the protagonist of a medical thriller series … despite the fact her third book (Bone Pit) came out this year.

What Gina started out to be, and continues to be, is a tough, no-nonsense, ex-Bronx nurse, and California transplant, not unlike one of her creators.

She came into being after reading a newspaper feature article about the use of autologous bone marrow transplants as a last-hope treatment for certain types of cancer. The immediate thriller-writer question was: what if someone stole the treated, frozen, and stored marrow, and then held it for ransom?

Bone Dry allowed us to explore the world of autologous born marrow transfusions, and use it as a platform for a tense medical thriller that Publishers Weekly called “…not for the squeamish.”

We were so determined not to create a series, that we dove into a suspense/adventure story built around the shady operations of heir tracers (Heir Today…), based on a personal experience, then wrote a stand-alone medical thriller exploring infertility clinic operations (Sisters in Silence) that Gina Mazzio couldn’t have wormed her way into no matter how hard she might have tried.

Regardless, we kept thinking about Gina. We liked her as a lead character, as did readers. So, when we read a horrifying article about the on-going illicit trade in human body parts, we saw it as a perfect milieu for our inquisitive, do-the-right-thing RN. (Bone Dry Gina Mazzio #1).

Sin & Bone (Gina Mazzio book #2) also provided us with the opportunity to give readers a behind-the-scenes look into how the pharmaceutical industry markets new and revised medications to the medical community through on-the-scene reps, both male and female.
After two attempts on Gina’s life in the first two books, we decided she needed a break – not from us, but from San Francisco’s Ridgewood Hospital … and all the dark, deadly memories associated with it. (Bone Pit Gina Mazzio #3).

What better plan than to take off on a dual travel nurse assignment with fiancé Harry Lucke, who’s made a career of doing that kind of nursing. Their destination: a rehab facility for Alzheimer’s patients in an area well-known to us – the desolate gold country in the mountains surrounding Virginia City, Nevada. Simple enough, but Gina and Harry stumble into an illegal scheme to manipulate test results for an experimental drug that’s on the verge of gaining FDA approval as a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Bone Pit is a story of medicine, mines, madness, and murder.

And with that we now have an RN Gina Mazzio medical series, with a fourth book in the works.

About the Authors:

Bette Golden Lamb and J. J. Lamb are the co-authors of four crime novels, including most recently, the independently-published SIN & BONE, a medical thriller about an overly curious RN who becomes involved in the illicit and dangerous trade in human body parts … and, of course, murder.

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