Guest post: GHOST FATWA by Kevin Meredith welcomes author Kevin Meredith in a guest post discussing his SciFi thriller novel Ghost Fatwa, and the secret potential of the human brain.


Guest post by author Kevin Meredith

Ghost Fatwa introduces what I believe to be an entirely new villain: disturbingly amoral, frighteningly powerful, and completely plausible within the current state of scientific knowledge. This villain lives within each human brain, plotting in secret, conspiring with others like itself to control all our lives for their own purposes.

Consider: The human brain is made up of at least 100 billion neurons, each connected to and communicating with other neurons through up to 10,000 synapses. The 100 to 500 trillion synapses of the brain, further, can convey multiple messages per second, creating a theoretical capacity for up to 10 quadrillion operations per second.

Current brain research suggests that much of this capacity is being applied independently of and hidden from the conscious.

And much of what it’s up to remains unknown.

Ghost Fatwa imagines that the human brain evolved long ago to focus its vast non-conscious resources on the operation of a separate, ruthless culture, independent of and hidden from the conscious. The existence and behaviors of this culture have remained secret until the present day, when a group of neuroscientists and researchers develop the technologies to at last decode and detect what this other part of the brain is up to.

The researchers, also working in secret, spy on these hidden brain processes as they form alliances, plot murders, arrange sex and protect resources, all while their consciouses – people like you and me – go blithely about their lives, never knowing the real reasons for what they feel and do.

The novel centers on Paul Rochambeaux, a young ex-hacker and failing detective, who first encounters the powers of this part of the mind during a brief visit from a strange man who knows things he shouldn’t know. The man’s revelations plunge Paul’s life into chaos, but soon, Paul is working with the researchers, studying the secret parts of the human mind – and learning the hard way that they prefer not to be watched.

For the time being, I am eagerly seeking readers who will provide feedback and impressions, and I’ll be glad to send the book to anyone who requests it and mentions Science Thrillers. Specify Word or PDF, or I can probably arrange a free book through Amazon as well. Email me at kevinemeredith (at) gmail (dot) com.

A little about me: I have won awards as a poet, technical writer and newspaper journalist, and have been fascinated with the hidden powers and evolved weaknesses of the human mind for decades. When I’m not writing, I sell technologies used in game development and movie creation.

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