SciThri new releases: January 2014

Wow, the holidays threw the blogging into disarray. I missed both the November and December roundups–so quite a batch of titles to share with you this time.

This month’s roundup of newly-released, or new to me, indie science & medical thrillers.  These books are among the many I don’t have time to read and review, but genre fans might enjoy.

If you are an author or publicist and would like your book listed, contact me with title, author, release date, weblinks, and summary. Only books with scientific or medical themes or characters will be included. Ask me about hosting a giveaway raffle on your behalf (paper books only).

SciThri New (or new to me) Releases:

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Gridlock by Alvin Ziegler. Indie technothriller (2014).

Computer genius Jude Wagner has unlocked mankind’s greatest scientific discovery—the human genome. His invention accelerates the Grid, a vast computer network, making the interpretation of an individual’s DNA lightning fast. In fact, the Grid makes diagnosis of disease affordable to all. The breakthrough heralds the dawn of personalized medicine—and personalized cures. It sparks a healthcare revolution, bringing hope to millions. But rapid modernization has upset something. Wagner’s closest colleagues are dying under mysterious circumstances. Pitted against a powerful, faceless enemy, he’s hurled into a hunt to protect the Grid. Will Wagner be next on the list? To rescue himself and his invention, he must forestall GRIDLOCK.

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The Mitosis Hegemony: Techno-Politics in the 21st Century by Arthur van Kaseman. Indie futurist SF thriller (2012).

THE MITOSIS HEGEMONY: TechnoPolitics in the 21st Century, is about the confluence of socio-political and technological trends currently emergent in global society that collide to re-shape everything. The book takes the form of a mystery. In the story, an indecipherable data signal is intercepted by an Arizona-based USAF radar station and sets off Strategic Air Command and US Space Command alarms, resulting in a Pentagon-ordered moon mission. At the same time, a Mexican astronomical observatory reports “first contact” with an alien entity via its powerful radiotelescope. In the first chapter, a well-educated physicist predicts the expiry date of the planet, due to pollution of the land, air and sea by toxins, to be 5 years. He and his mathematician-wife had earlier devised an AI entity, which named itself “Luther,” after the rebellious German cleric, Martin Luther. Without his wife’s knowledge (she thinking the project had been shelved), the physicist embarks upon a plan to reverse global Warming, engineer lunar-based solar electricity for delivery to Earth and bring direct electronic democracy to everyone. Utopia or dystopia?)

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Confessions of a ChimpManZee by J. E. Murphy. Indie science-based adventure (2013).

Arthur Godschalk, a neuro-anthropologist, working on a secret government project to produce chimpanzee soldiers, is fatally attacked by one of his subjects. After surgery, he wakes up in the body of a bonobo, now a virtual slave to the person who runs the project–a person who hates him–his mother-in-law. In a government cover-up following the collapse of the project, he and his troop of killer chimpanzees are shipped off to Africa to fend for themselves in a war-torn country, where Arthur discovers that love, sex and evolution have made life one hell of an adventure.

Blood List by Patrick and Phil Freivald. Indie thriller with medical elements (2013).

Paul Renner has toyed with the FBI since his first kill. When an anonymous contract threatens his father’s life, his search for answers hits a dead end. Desperate to save his dad, he cuts a deal with Special Agent Gene Palomini. When their investigation leads to secret experiments at methadone clinics in the 1970s, they fall into a world of inhuman violence and macabre medicine. Their agreement frays with each new clue, and both sides know that betrayal is only a matter of time.

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Trapped (Brier Hospital Series) by Lawrence Gold, MD. Indie medical thriller (2013).

While medical students suspect that every headache is a brain tumor and that every chest pain is a heart attack, experienced physicians know diseases along a spectrum of horror—the ones they dread the most. Among these are cancer, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). As the list continues, we come upon locked-in syndrome, a neurologic disease where a victim is awake and alert, but cannot move or communicate due to paralysis of all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes.

Lisa Cooke is the product of a passive mother and an abusive father. She finds her way into pediatric nursing, a world filled with men in control, especially the director of the Neonatal ICU, Mike Cooper. As Mike reminds Lisa of her father, it’s no surprise that they don’t get along. Ultimately, they fall in love and have a fulfilling marriage except that she’s unable to have children. They try everything, but fail. When an automobile accident severely injures Mike, Lisa is devastated. Shortly afterward, she discovers that she’s pregnant. Mike’s injuries are life threatening, and he nearly dies on several occasions. Mike suffers from locked-in syndrome and his survival is constantly in jeopardy, as is Lisa’s pregnancy. Will he/she/they survive?

Strange New Feet (DNA Series) by Shannon Esposito. Indie SF thriller (2013).

One scientist has crossed the line.

One question must now be answered…
What exactly does it mean to be human?

Safia Raine, a pattern recognition expert, realizes there’s something strange about the little girl admitted to her hospital. When the truth is discovered, scientists and politicians scramble to protect the human race from what they deem a biological threat.

To save the girl, Safia must risk her life and prove to the world she is human.


Do you enjoy thrillers with real science? Read Petroplague by Dr. Amy Rogers. Oil-eating bacteria contaminate the fuel supply of Los Angeles and paralyze the city. “Compellingly written, technically literate” “top 5 on my best of 2011 list” “the science is utterly believable” “I couldn’t put this one down”

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