Guest post: TIME’S ALIBI by Husky Harlequin

ScienceThrillers welcomes Husky Harlequin, author of Time’s Alibi: The Quantum of Jazz Between the Sun and the Grave.
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Cancer. Undetected, it relentlessly devours its host until there is nothing left. Andrew Acheson’s grandfather has been searching for a cure since a rare blood born pathogen claimed the life of his beloved wife.

Family. If damaged, it can be the breeding ground for social disease. Greed infected the Acheson clan long ago. David Acheson, the patriarch, has been missing for over a year and is presumed to be dead. Murdered? Kidnapped? The FBI has no leads. David’s heirs can’t wait to get their filthy fingers on his pharmaceutical empire.

Discovery. If misunderstood, it has the power to destroy. Andrew desires the success and love that have painfully eluded him. Without his grandfather’s guidance, he may never find it. Suddenly thrust into the center of a conflict with historic consequences, Andrew might be able to survive if he can overcome his flaws, both inherited and self-inflicted. But first, he must find his grandfather and deal with David’s most dangerous invention yet: time travel.

Guest post by Husky Harlequin

I am a chemist. I was drawn to this discipline because everything can be described in terms of chemistry. The sun, climate change, life, happiness, rock music, even love. You can’t say that about many things.

In Time’s Alibi or The Quantum of Jazz Between the Sun and the Grave, David Acheson owns a biotech company. Motivated by love to find a cure for an obscure blood cancer, he heads to the lab and puts his tremendous mental faculties to work. He searches for drug candidates, initiators, catalysts, and effective targeted drug delivery systems. But like most scientific breakthroughs, he needs more than hard work. He needs luck. Just like the discovery of antibiotic properties of penicillin required a messy lab or the discovery of TNT required the accidental spilling of nitroglycerin onto sawdust, David Acheson makes an unexpected and exciting discovery in his lab, one that brings more questions than answers, one that raises moral and ethical issues. Have I created something useful? Just because I have the power to do something, should I first pause and consider the consequences? Who should decide? These questions are touchstones of both modern laboratory science and science fiction.

David Acheson finds himself in a world of trouble when he invents time travel. He hadn’t planned for it. It wasn’t his objective. But it becomes his burden, sucking his grandson Andrew into a dangerous world filled with science, politics, and death. It’s too late for David. He’s been missing for a year without a trace. Andrew might survive if he can adapt and solve the mystery left behind by his grandfather. Only time will tell, but time is a vengeful specter.

If you love the node where science meets fiction, if you cherish stories that make you think long after you’ve put the book down, give Time’s Alibi a try. You may find that it stays with you, buzzing in your mind like a jazz standard or a classic rock anthem.

Author Bio

Husky is a lawyer, poet, musician, chemist, and writer from the Philadelphia area. His high school literature class blew up his brain, exposing a love for story telling. He’s circling back now. He can’t argue in court like Mitch McDeer, drop rhymes like Mother Goose, rock like Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, or leverage his skills in the lab like Walter White, but he can write better than Kilgore Trout. Husky is a lover of ideas, progressive thoughts, and mankind.

Twitter: @HuskyHarlequin

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