SciThri new releases: May 2015

Here’s the monthly roundup of newly released, or new to me, indie science & medical thrillers.  These books are among the many I don’t have time to read and review, but genre fans might enjoy.

If you are an author or publicist and would like your book listed, contact me with title, author, release date, weblinks, and summary. Only books with scientific or medical themes or characters will be included. Ask me about hosting a giveaway raffle on your behalf (paper books only).

SciThri New (or new to me) Releases:

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The Virus by Stanley Johnson. Science thriller (May 2015).

How do you stop an invisible killer?

When a young woman in New York City dies mysteriously after a trip to Brussels, top epidemiologist Lowell Kaplan identifies the cause of death as the Marburg Virus—a fatal strain that has surfaced only once before in history.

Determined to trace the source of the disease, Kaplan follows a trail of intrigue from the labs of Germany to the jungles of Central Africa.

With danger nipping at his heels, and the secrets of the virus’s origin kept deliberately under wraps, Kaplan must go to unimaginable lengths to stop a deadly scheme.

An Angel’s Alternative by Rick Brindle. Indie hospital drama.

Riverside General Hospital, a place of harsh realities.
On Ingram Ward, Staff Nurse John Hunter is a man on the edge. Unable to move on from the recent traumas in his life, pushed to the limit, and liking his job less and less, he makes a drugs error, and questions why he even wants to be a nurse. The incident puts him on a collision course with the hospital’s new matron.
John’s best friend, Australian coronary care nurse, Dave Chiltern, discovers that helping a friend run his pub while he’s unwell can be more rewarding than his current job.
Roxanne Jones, John’s girlfriend and a care assistant on Ingram Ward, is contacted by her former boyfriend, who tries to re-ignite old flames.
Ingram Ward’s Sister, Sarah Ashe struggles to focus on her job after leaving her violent husband.
Facing the impossible expectations of front-line NHS care, the nurses who struggle to save lives and preserve their own sanity as they do so, all face choices of their own. Do the angels have an alternative?

Toro!: An Allie Parsons Novel by Frank Schwalbe. Indie medical thriller (2015).

Allie Parsons is a single mother, struggling to raise a teenage daughter and keep her scars and past hidden. Her old life as a stripper has no pull, but even now her headstrong ways prove difficult to control. Allie suspects that Toro, a serial killer and her attacker, is still at large and most likely stalking her.

But obsessing over that helps nothing. She’s finished medical school and is training at the morgue, and with the help of both her beautiful daughter and patient pastor, she’s rebuilt a life. It isn’t perfect, but her faith and determination are strong.

However, her first case at the morgue keeps scratching at her old wounds, and she can’t explain why. The body is supposed to be millionaire Franz Bergman, but she has a hunch it’s a cover-up. Determined to prove her theory, Allie conducts an investigation that circles her right back into danger and darkness. As she draws closer to solving this mystery, a menacing stranger threatens her new life.

Allie must stand firm in her beliefs and rely on her strength and intuition to protect herself, her daughter, and the better future she’s working to achieve.

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The InnerGlow Effect by Craig Robertson. Indie medical thriller.

There’s a new drug on the market, but it’s not everything it seems to be. For ER doctor Paul Hunter, strange things are afoot. Patients near death are having visions of the afterlife, convinced their souls have been escorted away during trauma. The sole connection between the survivors is an antidepressant called InnerGlow. Newly-ordained priest Pablo Morales has committed himself to a life dedicated to the church, but even holy men have doubts. When parishioners begin confessing their experiences of life after death, Pablo takes it upon himself to investigate their claims. GlobalMed sets the pair in its sights, attempting to uncover how much they know about the InnerGlow Effect and how to keep it quiet while reaping the profits of a society hungry for a new quick-fix pill. Two men stand against a massive corporation to find an answer to life’s big question: Is there life after death?


Do you enjoy thrillers with real science? Read Petroplague by Dr. Amy Rogers. Oil-eating bacteria contaminate the fuel supply of Los Angeles and paralyze the city. “Compellingly written, technically literate” “top 5 on my best of 2011 list” “the science is utterly believable” “I couldn’t put this one down”

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  1. techeditor says:

    I wish you had been able to review these. I want your opinion.

    • Amy Rogers says:

      So many books, so little time. I’ve been doing fewer reviews lately (I’m sure you noticed) because I’ve been 1) reading more books for pleasure and 2) I’ve been doing a lot of critiques of unpublished work for my publishing company ScienceThrillers Media and 3) working on my next novel!

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