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ScienceThrillers.com is all about books that blend science and entertainment, and the authors who create them. If you like Michael Crichton, you might find your next favorite author here. At this website you’ll also find tidbits related to science education and ways entertainment can be used to enhance science literacy.

Website creator Dr. Amy Rogers, scientist, writer, critic, and relentless promoter of scientific literacy welcomes you and invites you to subscribe to the ScienceThrillers quarterly newsletter.

From her home in Northern California, Amy Rogers is both fan and author (Petroplague) of science and medical thrillers. At this website she reviews books in this genre (plus a few other titles you might like) and rates them to help you decide what to read on your next vacation.

A list of reviewed titles is at left; use search or the menu tabs to find a particular topic or author.  Most self-published books are listed separately, on the “Indies” page. Except when noted, all reviews are written by a single reader.

My rating system:

BlueStarScience and medical thrillers get a star rating (1-5 stars, five is best).  What makes my “grades” different from most reader-generated reviews (such as amazon reviews) is that I grade on a curve.  Most novels in this genre are, by definition, average.  They get three stars.  Five star reviews are reserved for truly exceptional titles–only the top 10-15% of all books I’ve read in this genre.

That means genre fans will want to read my “three star” books because they’re good, solid stories, just not among the best ever written.

Biohazard1Each science or medical thriller also gets a sci/med content rating (1 to 5 biohazard symbols).  The biohazard rating tells you how important scientific/medical themes are to the plot, and whether the technical details are reasonably accurate.  5 symbols means the author used plenty of technical detail and kept it real.  1 symbol means scientifically-literate readers should check their brains at the door.

Some reviewed books are not science/medical thrillers. To keep my ratings consistent, these books are not given a star rating (“unrated”).

Use the Author menu to discover new writers in the thriller genre, or fresh titles from authors you already know.  And don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free zone.  I’ll never reveal a surprise or shocking plot twist (at least not without warning you first).

Interested in a particular subject?  See if I mentioned it in one of my reviews by using the search box on the top left of this page.

Want to recommend a title or weigh in on the reviews?  Leave a comment.  If you’re an author, send me an email amy (at) sciencethrillers (dot) com.



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21 Responses to About

  1. James Peart says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a writer of 22 years, specialising in general and spiritual fiction, exploring consciousness development, topical issues and contemporary Western life. My work covers different genres such as comedy, crime, general fiction, spirituality and fantasy.
    I was wondering if you would do me the favour of placing the link to my website on your site? I would be very grateful if you could do this,
    Best regards,
    James Peart.

  2. You and your readers might want to check out my new polar bear attack thriller (an indie, published November 2015), called “Eaten: A novel.” It’s set only slightly into the future and the plot is driven by the tight ecological relationship between polar bears and seals. I’m a zoologist/science writer with a Ph.D. and an avid fiction reader, but as this was my first novel I worked with a professional fiction editor prior to publication. It’s a full length novel, about 71,000 words.

    One of the main protagonists in EATEN is a female biologist who knows her bears. In the spring of 2025, terror reigns across Newfoundland as an onslaught of hungry polar bears invade coastal towns and hamlets looking for prey. Something’s gone wrong out on the sea ice – the bears should be miles offshore eating white-coated baby seals. But this spring, they’ve come ashore in droves, catching residents completely off-guard. Within days, the body count of people consumed by bears is staggering. A team of RCMP officers and biologists struggle to stop the carnage – with or without government cooperation – before it becomes a full-on catastrophe.

    EATEN is a fast-paced thriller that’s getting great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads – and flying off the shelves in Newfoundland (courtesy a deal made with a local distributor). It’s available in paperback and ebook formats.

    A biology colleague who says he’s a regular thriller reader reviewed my book and said it was both thought-provoking and chilling: https://polarbearscience.com/2016/06/07/colleague-says-eaten-possibly-a-real-service-to-polar-bear-conservation/

    My author website is http://www.susancrockford.com

    If you enjoy a good thriller, I think you’ll like this one.

    Susan Crockford.

  3. Simon says:

    Hi everyone:
    First Amy this site is awesome and congratulations on Science Thrillers.

    I am looking for a medical science resource to validate a couple of paragraphs in my manuscript about genetic engineering methods. I need to ensure that the premise in my fictional farfetched methods in the novel are palatable to readers without being ridiculed and stop adult audiences to read it to the finish.

  4. Bill Hill says:

    I liked reading Michael Crichton books. There were other books I liked at first and then the author started using strong language and completely turned me off to their books. If I wanted foul language or sex scenes, I could goto other places. Is there a chance that this could be noted in your summary of books. I would love to find an author like Mr Crichton who writes exciting books and uses clean language.

    Thank you

    • Amy Rogers says:

      Dear Bill,
      I’m with you on the sex scenes, so usually if there’s an explicit scene in a book I review I will mention it in some way. They are uncommon in the books I review and usually the book would be better without them. Language is harder. I personally am not offended by infrequent, appropriate use of profanity. When you’re falling out of an airplane you’re not going to shout, “Oh shucks.” So I generally do not mention such cases in my reviews. If a book uses a lot of foul language, or uses it in simple conversation, I probably will note that. Can’t think of any good examples. Again, such stories generally don’t come to me.

      I will note that Steve Berry, who writes wonderful thrillers with history themes, goes to great lengths to keep profanity out of his books. He actually did write a scene with a person getting tossed out of a plane and screaming some words that were so sanitized it made me laugh.

  5. Motti says:

    Hi Amy:

    I am new to this forum and currently reside overseas. I am a physician. When I do not see patients I write mysteries.
    Can you help me find a literary agent that likes medical thrillers/mysteries?
    In their bios they rarely specify that much and I never know if I strike right when I am forced to choose an agent out of a long list

    Thanks in advance


    • Amy Rogers says:

      If your books are a good fit for this website, then they might be a good fit for my publishing company ScienceThrillers Media. If you’re considering a small publisher, please send a query to STM.

      As far as literary agents go, I would focus on agents who are looking for thrillers/mysteries and not worry about the medical part. You might start with agents who also list science or medicine as one of their nonfiction interests.

      Good luck!

  6. Hello Amy.

    I noticed that you have a large list of Amazon.com affiliate books on your sciencethrillers.com site.

    My medical mystery, The Utah Flu was inspired from my career consulting to the Army and Air Force Medical Research Commands. My science fiction story, Dead Astronauts, uses science I learned supporting anti-ballistic missile programs. Both are available on Amazon.com, and would be of interest to your readers. I’d be thrilled if you added my books to your on-line bookstore.

    I’d be happy to send you and excerpts to run on your website or publish in your newsletter.

    Looking forward to working with you.

    Woodrow Wilson

    Author, The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook
    Author, Dead Astronauts
    Author, The Utah Flu
    Author, Champagne Brunch

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  9. tom combs says:

    Amy –
    As a long time TKZ follower I recalled seeing your comments and had tried to find your site. Today you reappeared!
    I recently released a professionally edited medical suspense/thriller that highlights medical science/procedures in a fast-paced tale involving pharmaceutical development, greed and murder. NERVE DAMAGE has received great initial reviews and I’d love to have you consider it for your site. I’m an Emergency Medicine physician with more than 20 years experience working in the ERs of Level one trauma hospitals.
    Where science meets suspense is a fun place to be.
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Dr. Rogers,
    I penned a thriller last May called, The Renaissance of Aspirin. (Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with aspirin) this a story of intrigue passion, betrayal and murder as a mysterious medical scientists flees from Boston to Atlanta where she assumes the identity of an intern to escape pharmaceutical corporate assassins. There is an engaging romance that blooms in the middle of the story as well. Please take a look at the Amazon http://www.amazon.com/The-Renaissance-Aspirin-Glenn-Parris/dp/1483633020

  11. Joe Dixon says:

    Dear Amy,

    It was so exciting to meet you at Thrillerfest July 2013 in New York City. You were the first person I met and I couldn’t believe that you were involved in reviewing, promoting, and writing science thrillers. How neat is that? One reason I wrote my science thriller is that I was so disappointed with science related thrillers that were published. Also, I felt that a book that did not involve aimless gore and serial killers would be appreciated. Finally, after 25 years of writing scientific manuscripts, I needed to try writing in a way that was less constrained and allowed my imagination to take off. Please visit my website (dixonlab.rutgers.edu) to discover what research projects I am involved in – including biofuels research. I will definitely use your reviews to help me choose science thrillers to read.

    Looking forward to visiting your site on a regular basis!


  12. Tim Barzyk says:

    Thank you so much for these reviews! Ever since Crichton passed, I’ve been trying to find a way to narrow in on the scithriller genre to find similar authors. This site is the greatest thing I’ve found in a looooooong time.

    I just downloaded two books based on your reviews.

    Keep up the good work.


  13. Medical science may be on the verge of a singularity where human life could be extended by hundreds of years. Or maybe it’s already happened. This is the subject of the latest thriller from Lior Samson, The Rosen Singularity. Dr. Rosen David is a research biologist who does no research, a mathematician at heart who mines the work of others to uncover new patterns and insights. His investigations uncover hidden work that disrupts his settled life and brings him into the orbit of an elderly physician whose unusual patients include a pair of octogenarian Sybarites and the brutal African dictator Edgar Jabari Mbutu.

  14. Dr Amy,

    Where would you hide if you learned the CDC and a major pharmaceutical company unleashed a hyperdeadly microbe on the human race? The action/thriller Pandora’s Succession encompasses a real threat: Biological Terrorism. It can occur any time and perpetrated by those we’d never suspect. The first five chapters are available through my website at http://www.russellparkway.com or here http://www.freado.com/read/8637/pandoras-succession. If you’d like to review Pandora’s Succession, please let me know.



  15. Ian Edward says:

    Mythbusting Science Thrillers is a great addition to the site. I look forward to reading more of these, and it plays an interesting part in defining the line between a science-thriller and science fiction ( I suspect, like shifting sands, that it’s a constantly moving line.)

  16. Ian Edward says:

    Amy, congratulations on Science Thrillers, and for identifying a genre that certainly needs sites like this, devoted to the cause. I’m both a reader and writer of thriller fiction, and s/f, so science-themed mystery and suspense fiction is a particular favourite. I’m a long term fan of authors such as Michael Crichton and John Case and Dan Brown (if anyone thinks he doesn’t fit the category, check out ‘Deception Point.’.

    I recently launched a blog, Take It As Read, about books, authors, writing, publishing, and other ramblings – and this kind of thriller writing is often prominent there. (I’ll be adding Science Thrillers as a link) It’s at ian-edward.blogspot.com


  17. As a science thriller fan, I’m so excited to have found your site! I’m also a writer, and if you ever review e-books, I have one that I would love to have you review. It’s called Strange New Feet and you can find it here:


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